Plant Profiles

Identifying weeds & finding solutions

The Purpose of this information

Raise awareness of the potential for some garden plants to become serious weeds in the the natural environment.

Highlight the key WEEDS threatening the coastal environments of Eyre Peninsula

Increase awareness of the environment weeds

Provide information to assist gardeners in the identification and control of weeds

Increase the knowledge of local native plants and the benefits of of growing them

Offer native alternatives – So GROW ME INSTEAD


Our Key projects to:

  • control new infestations of Aleppo pine establishing on road reserves in Lower Eyre Peninsula.
  • progressively reduce existing “feral” populations of Aleppo pines that threatened biodiversity.
  • raise community awareness about the environmental threats feral Aleppo pine and other environmental weeds pose.
  • provide information on environmental weeds and methods of control.
  • revegetate and promote locally indigenous species.