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Rhamnus Control at Yallunda Flat

09 Jul

Rhamnus, what is that you say? Rhamnus (Rhamnus alaternus), or Italian buckthorn, is a large evergreen shrub with serrated glossy, leathery leaves. In spring it forms bright red berries and can grow into dense thickets that outcompetes native plants. It is a serious environmental weed, which is currently under review by BiosecuritySA for declaration on […]

Rhamnus follow-up control at Coffin Bay

04 Sep

┬áThe Lower Eyre Pest Management Group was successful in securing funding through the NRM Community Grants announced today. Funding will be used to follow-up on Rhamnus control along the Coffin Bay Access Rd. Rhamnus is an invasive weed that produces thousands of seeds which are spread by birds. By following up on this site we […]