Protecting important Sheoak grassy woodland corridors

30 May

Protecting important She-oak grassy woodland corridors on Lower Eyre Peninsula 2010.

This project removed 1.1 km of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) and Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) along Ducklake road reserve near Wangary. The purpose of this project was to help to protect important She-oak grassy woodland corridors with intact native shrub, herb and orchid understorey from threatening processes such as weed invasion.

Aleppo pine removal - along Duck Lake rd Aleppo pine removal - along Duck Lake rd

Most of the pines were removed with a specialised mulching machine to minimise soil disturbance and avoid damage to native vegetation. In areas where no native vegetation was present larger machinery was used. The pines were piled up and then burnt on a neighbouring property.

Following the pine removal revegetation was undertaken using locally native species to support the natural regeneration. The LEPMG will maintain the pine-free status of the site through seedling removal and monitor the rehabilitation works.

Lower Eyre Pest & Weed Management Group

Duck Lake Rd project Aleppo pine removal

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