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Rhamnus Control at Yallunda Flat

09 Jul

Rhamnus, what is that you say? Rhamnus (Rhamnus alaternus), or Italian buckthorn, is a large evergreen shrub with serrated glossy, leathery leaves. In spring it forms bright red berries and can grow into dense thickets that outcompetes native plants. It is a serious environmental weed, which is currently under review by BiosecuritySA for declaration on […]

Rhamnus follow-up control at Coffin Bay

04 Sep

┬áThe Lower Eyre Pest Management Group was successful in securing funding through the NRM Community Grants announced today. Funding will be used to follow-up on Rhamnus control along the Coffin Bay Access Rd. Rhamnus is an invasive weed that produces thousands of seeds which are spread by birds. By following up on this site we […]

Controlling feral Aleppo pine seedlings on Lower Eyre Peninsula

03 Jun

This project has provided vital Aleppo pine follow-up control at 22 sites to ensure seedlings do not re-establish . At the completion of this project, the long-term health and resilience of 44ha of native vegetation will be ensured. Members from the LEPMG, volunteers, school children and contractors have carried out the pine seedling control over […]

Invasive Fountain Grass and Feather-top Grass

03 Jun

Pennisetum control on Lower Eyre Peninsula Fountain Grass and Feather-top Grass are two Pennisetum species that have become invasive weeds on Lower Eyre Peninsula. These grass weeds mainly spread along roadsides, but have spread into adjoining properties, into remnant vegetation and grasslands making control difficult. This project has enabled the LEPMG to control Pennisetum species […]

Protecting important Sheoak grassy woodland corridors

30 May

Protecting important She-oak grassy woodland corridors on Lower Eyre Peninsula 2010. This project removed 1.1 km of Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) and Radiata pine (Pinus radiata) along Ducklake road reserve near Wangary. The purpose of this project was to help to protect important She-oak grassy woodland corridors with intact native shrub, herb and orchid understorey […]