About us

Lower Eyre Pest Management Group

The Lower Eyre Pest Management Group was formed in 1997 in Port Lincoln S.A. The Group was formed because of the concern of various local community groups/individuals and state government bodies with the increased spread of woody weeds, in particular the Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis).

The Group is an incorporated body with various local and state government stakeholders including the Department of Energy and Infrastructure, SA Water, Department for Environment & Heritage, PIRSA, District Councils of Tumby Bay and Lower E.P., the City of Port Lincoln, Greening Australia and EP Natural Resource Management Board.

The Group has successfully obtained funding from NHT for removal of a number of weeds (mainly Aleppo pines) and the subsequent revegetation of these areas with local native species.

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To provide an organisation for the co-ordination, management and integration of environmental pest management on Eyre Peninsula.

At LEPMG we:

  • control new infestations of Aleppo pine establishing on road reserves in Lower Eyre Peninsula.
  • progressively reduce existing “feral” populations of Aleppo pines that threatened biodiversity.
  • raise community awareness about the environmental threats feral Aleppo pine and other environmental weeds pose.
  • provide information on environmental weeds and methods of control.
  • revegetate and promote locally indigenous species.

Principal Objective

Control of feral Aleppo pines on lower Eyre Peninsula for the;

  • Protection of biological diversity
  • Maintenance of ecological processes and systems
  • Protection of infrastructure
  • Protection of legal requirements
  • Maintenance of end processes

Secondary Objective

The targeted control of other woody weeds on lower Eyre Peninsula, especially those which are proclaimed pest plants and/or pose a significant threat.